Shanghai is a large 'first tier' city in eastern China, with a population of 24 million. It is a business hub which houses the national headquarters of many multinational companies. As such, Shanghai is known for its lavishness and in some districts it is indistinguishable from any big Western city.

The Bund is the most famous area of Shanghai, its main CBD, and here you will find bars, restaurants, and entertainment complexes.

Shanghai is also known as the street food capital of China, with delicacies from all over the country, so it's perfect for foodies who want to explore everything that Chinese cuisine has to offer.

As Shanghai is a very old city there are, of course, many traditional neigborhoods with their winding alleyways and distinctive brick houses. Venturing into these local areas you can find cheap restaurants and shops. There's also an abundance of expat hangouts that cater to the 200,000 strong expat population.

As a coastal city in the centre of China, Shanghai's climate is relatively mild compared to the North (although summers do get hot!)

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