Beijing, the capital of China, is the government and cultural centre of the country. It is a sprawling city of 24 million people. With a history stretching back thousands of years, Beijing is teeming with tradition and character. 

The city has all of the amenities of any other modern capital: entertainment districts, nightlife, and huge shopping malls. One of the biggest shopping areas, Sanlitun, is also known as Beijing's expat area and has bars, shops and restaurants that cater specifically toward expats. This includes restaurants serving food from all around the world.

Beijing is famous for its various sites of interest: the Forbidden City, its many temples, and national art galleries and museums. This abundance of cultural heritage has led some to label Beijing 'the Paris of the East'. Its rich history is perhaps the biggest draw for foreigners who choose to work in China's capital. The old streets and traditional neighborhoods, called 'hutongs', have a magical feel to them and it's possible to spend a whole day just wandering around taking in a different side to Beijing than the modern skyscrapers.

The weather in Beijing varies greatly by season, with hot summers and cold winters. Temperatures in summer average 27 °C and in winter average -3°C.

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