Teach Children in China

With over 70 training children's training centres across China, we can find the perfect location for you.

The teaching style at these centres is very active and based around creating a fun learning environment, so you'll be playing lots of games and activities with the children.

You will be provided with a detailed curriculum, broken down into individual lesson plans. Each classroom is fitted with a smart board and you will use this software to teach from, as well as teaching aids such as flash cards and toys.

Working hours: There is a 40 hour working schedule, with 2 days off per week. You will have a maximum of 25 teaching hours per week. The rest of your work time will be office hours.

Salary: 10000 to 12000 rmb per month

Other Benefits:

  • Free, fully furnished apartment

  • Airport pick-up on arrival

  • Opportunities for advancement


  • From a native speaking country (USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland)

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