Life in China as an English Teacher


As a destination for teaching English, China is hard to beat. Many teachers feel that it is a "best of both worlds" option, with much higher salaries than other Asian countries and a a much more welcoming and accepting culture than Arab countries. Due to the low cost of living, it's easy for teachers save over US$1000 per month.

China is a developing country, but in large cities you will find neighborhoods with all the Western comforts you're used to: bars, restaurants, coffee shops and large shopping centres. There are also traditional 'local' neigborhoods where you can find cheap food and shops.

Teaching in China is the perfect opportunity to travel the world and save money at the same time. Many Asian destinations are a short flight away, and low cost carriers make exploring extremely affordable. Teachers often take trips during their holidays to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc and flights to these destinations can be found for as low as US$150 return.

Teachers come here for all sorts of reasons. Some come here for adventure. Others come to save money. Many teach for one or two years after they graduate and before they start a career in their home country. A few decide to settle down an make China their new home, starting families and building businesses. The one thing that unites all people who teach here is a truly unforgettable experience.